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We are pleased to announce that our shop in Slough has now re-opened. Initially hours will be limited to Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.. We would ask you to appreciate that present circumstances dictate our delivery times might not be up to our normal.

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We now have in stock the new Kempa Attack Junior shoe for children. (Go to Clothing/Footwear/Fencing Shoes Youth).

We now have in stock the new foil/sabre body wires and epee body wires with transparent plugs. These will be mandatory at all FIE competitions next season (including the Junior World Championships in Salt Lake City and the Olympic Games in Tokyo). The old body wires will still be legal for non-FIE competitions and training.

Allstar have now announced the release of their new Kempa Attack Pro shoe.
Look for it under Clothing/Footwear

We are now able to supply the new BF Predator blades for foil and epee.
These premium blades have perfect balance and are lighter than the normal BF blades - foil by up to 12 grammes and epee by up to 20 grammes. Find them under "FIE Maraging BF Blades".
For our lightest epee yet use them with our new 80 gm lightweight Max Heinzer epee guard

Coloured lames have now been withdrawn by our suppliers.
In order to clear our stock we are offering some Uhlmann foil lames at the knock down price of 50.
Please visit our Special Offers page.
Please note we have recently added more Lames to this list


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  • Manufactured to Allstar and Uhlmann specification.
  • Subjected to Allstar and Uhlmann quality control.
  • Supported by the Allstar and Uhlmann guarantee.
  • Fact: World wide Allstar and Uhlmann outsells all other fencing brands by 4 to 1.
  • Fact: 85% of world ranked fencers use Allstar and Uhlmann kit.